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As the premier electrical company in Lafayette, Comeaux Electric offers all the services you need related to your home or commercial property’s electrical system. From a new installation to maintenance or an emergency repair, our pros are here to resolve the issue and eliminate your stress. While we have several sought-after specialties, please know that you can call 337-252-2901 for a free price quote for any electrical services, including remodels, ceiling fan installation, or code upgrades, in addition to these well-known specialties:
Your new electric vehicle offers many benefits, from a more environmentally friendly transportation solution to a more reasonable operating cost. But to ensure that your EV is always fully charged and ready when you need it, a home EV charging station is a must. Even though all vehicles include a Level 1 charger with the purchase, you might not know that you will need a dedicated 110-volt outlet to charge your EV batteries safely. The team at Comeaux Electric is ready to help you with that dedicated outlet installation or an upgraded Level 2 electric vehicle charger for much faster charging and extended range on your new EV.
You might know it as an electrical panel or breaker box, but hopefully, it is not a fuse box. That would mean that your electrical system is desperately outdated. However, all of these terms cover the same component in your home’s electrical system and one that is crucial to its safety. The electrical panel is the first device in the electrical system where the power comes into your home. Inside this box are all the circuit breakers that control all the appliances, outlets, and electricity to your home. So when there is a problem with the electrical panel, it can impact any or all of your home’s electrical service.
You have insurance for your car and home, but what about protecting your appliances and electronic devices from damage or destruction due to a power surge? For example, a nearby lightning strike or power surge created when power lines fall could destroy anything plugged into an outlet or hardwired into your home’s electrical system. In addition, many homeowners have no idea that an electrical surge can be created in their home by something as simple as the motor on their garage door opener or HVAC blower. But all you need to do is call 337-252-2901 and speak to the licensed electricians at Comeaux Electric about installing professional quality whole-home surge protection to eliminate your concerns and this potentially costly damage.
As a full-service electrical contractor, Comeaux Electric is proud to provide high-quality commercial electrical services to business owners and property managers throughout the Lafayette area. Let us know when you need specialized wiring for equipment installation, upgrades for a building expansion, to meet additional electrical code, or would like to discuss professional maintenance for your commercial property’s electrical system. We also understand the weight of your responsibility to provide a safe place for your employees, customers, and guests to your commercial location.
Living near the Gulf, our grid power supply is not as reliable as in other areas of the country. Strong wind and storms can bring down power lines and have you facing days with no electricity unless you have a backup generator. The pros at Comeaux Electric can eliminate your worry about the safety and function of your home when the electrical grid fails. Our most advanced systems monitor the power coming into your home 24/7. And when that power stops, the system automatically transfers over to generator power to allow your entire house to function as usual. You could be away from home or asleep, and the system will flawlessly start the generator and begin powering essential items like your refrigerator, HVAC, and security system.
The lighting inside and outside your home is vital for your safety and security, as well as the function of the spaces you use daily. So when the use of a space changes or you create a multifunctional area, it is essential to update or change the lighting to maximize functionality. The pros at Comeaux Electric have been providing customers with expert lighting design and installation services for over 30 years. And we are excited to help you update your home’s lighting for added beauty and functionality. Let us know if you would like to upgrade to more energy-efficient LED lights or if your goal is to add safety to the property with motion-activated outdoor security lighting.

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Since the late 80s, family-owned and operated Comeaux Electric has been providing the highest caliber electrical services in Lafayette. We take great pride in our stellar reputation, A+ rating from the BBB, and always competitive pricing for our loyal customers. When you have an electrical issue, you know that you can count on our over 40 years of combined experience to locate the problem quickly and provide cost-effective solutions to ensure the function and safety of your electrical system. Call us at 337-252-2901 for a free estimate or 24/7 emergency service from our licensed Lafayette electricians.

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