A Brief Guide to Electrical Preventive Maintenance

Fire insurance, concept. An electrical outlet that is burnt after short circuit and may cause a fire at home.

Electricity is essential to any home and business, but it often goes unnoticed until something goes wrong. The modern world is full of fixtures with wires, plugs, and cords that twist together to run appliances, electronic equipment, and lighting for homes, buildings, and parking lots. It’s a complicated system requiring careful maintenance to run smoothly. […]

How Often Should Your Generator Be Serviced?

Female hand starts a portable electric generator standing on the grass in front of a summer house in summer evening

Our professionals believe that a standby generator should be started and tested periodically and given a full maintenance service after 400 hours of use. Relatively new generators that are used a great deal and serviced regularly or old generators that are used once in a while and have never had a maintenance check may require […]