Electrical Tips for Staying Safe During the Holidays

Christmas and New Year interior decoration. Green tree decorated with toys, gifts, present boxes, flashing garland, illuminated lamps. Fireplace and xmas tree. Cozy Christmas atmosphere

When homes in Lafayette are decorated during the holidays, it makes everything feel more festive. If you have plans for decorating your place this upcoming season, please be careful. Each year in Louisiana, electrical fires are sparked during the winter, and a lot of damage can result. There are some things you can do to […]

4 Reasons Why Your Circuit Breaker Is Always Tripping

Old electrical panel against a brick wall

It’s inconvenient when your circuit breaker is always tripping, which can cause you to lose power when you’re enjoying different types of activities around the house. Many people don’t always realize that the habits they have can cause the issue to occur, as well as issues within the circuit breaker. If you want to understand […]