Save Money Year-Round With a Home Generator

There is one way many to save money that many homeowners overlook. Investing in the right generator for your home gives you more than a power backup when the electricity goes out. It can also provide cost-effective solutions you might not have thought of. Get ready to learn useful tips and tricks about how a […]

4 Ways Your Backup Generator Can Save You Money

Powerful generator to provide electricity.

The power grid can go down in your neighborhood any time, not just during storms. You never know when the power will return, and a home generator can keep things running. Although people often associate generators with power backup for emergencies, a generator can save you money in various ways. You can use your generator […]

DIY or Pro? The Ultimate Cost-Effective Panel Replacement Solution Revealed

Electrician at work on an electrical panel protected by helmet, safety goggles and gloves; wear the surgical mask to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Construction industry. Covid-19 Prevention.

Home improvement projects can be both exciting and challenging. Regarding panel replacement in your home, you may find yourself contemplating whether to go the DIY or professional route. While a DIY approach can save you money in the long run, it’s important to consider the benefits and potential drawbacks before deciding. DIY Panel Replacement Pros […]

Why Bad Wiring Can Lead to High Energy Bills

Electrician technician at work blocks the cable between the clamps of a socket in a residential electrical installation

The reason that faulty wiring can raise your electrical bills is something called electricity leakage. This happens when the electricity that’s supposed to reach an appliance, whether it’s a toaster or your refrigerator or your computer, doesn’t quite make it. Some electricity is lost as it makes its way to the appliance, and more electricity […]

How Do the Holidays Impact Your Electric Bill?

Why We Tend to Use More Energy During the Holidays Many of us are inspired during the holiday season to decorate, host gatherings, and make things more festive at home. These activities can potentially make the season much more enjoyable for people, but they can also cause us to use a lot of energy, which […]

Replacing Faulty Wiring Can Save on Your Electric Bill

The hands of an electrician installing a power switch to the electrical junction box

Many factors can cause the electrical wiring in your home to become faulty. It can be damaged by water, rodents, or general wear and tear. If you live in an older home, like many residents of Lafayette, LA, the electrical system might not be enough to handle the load placed on it by modern electronics. […]